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Cha Cha Cha


This is an exciting, bubbly and flirty dance which gets its name from its syncopated steps. Danced to any music from pure Latin rhythms to modern chart music the Cha Cha Cha will have you turning, checking and chasseing around the floor with a glint in your eye and fun on your mind.  This dance really makes you smile!



Just about everyone wants to experience the heat of Salsa and it is one of the most popular dances, whether you want to dance at a family or social occasion or in a bar. Often, those who start their dancing journey with Salsa can't resist going on to learn the other ballroom and Latin dances.  Danced to up tempo Latin music, the rhythm and the essence of this dance takes you away; picture a hot summer night with Latin rhythms on the warm breeze and you have the Salsa.



The Rumba is characterised by sensual movement and expression, creating a dance of love and feeling. Danced to a slow or medium speed ballad and incorporating playful interaction and a push and pull relationship with your partner you'll create a stunning picture of emotion.  When dancing the Rumba you can't help feeling connected.  


A dance full of energy, rhythm changes and pure joy, the Samba brings a sense of celebration which is hard to resist.  Taking you to a party on the dance floor you won't be able to help yourself; you'll want to be up there joining in.  Picture a colourful carnival on the streets of Brazil and you have the essence of the flamboyant Samba.  

Jive/Rock n Roll


The Jive and Rock n Roll are danced to a wide range of faster music and have been tried by everybody at some time or other; weddings, gatherings, around your own kitchen! The basic steps aren't difficult and the thrill of turning your partner underarm, behind your back and doing the fabulous kicks and flicks make these dances irresistible and both can be highly energised and very active.  Like the Quickstep, these dances really get your heart rate up!

The Latin Dances

All dances are danced at your preferred pace and energy level.

Helping you to look great on the dance floor.

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